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Transform your property management business by connecting with residents like never before through Social Media, e-Commerce, On-line Communication & e-Payments. Join the conversation, get connected, increase NOI & extend your success for free.


Welcome to mhp.

Stay ahead and create value.

MyHomePayge allows you to harness the power of the Internet and the Social Web while also providing you with a suite of services that will keep you connected to your residents wherever they are. Best of all its free and easy to use!

Keep up to date and communicate.

Your customized Property Portal enables you to communicate property events on the Calendar and Bulletin Board, receive and track Work Order Requests and send important notifications and alerts in real time. on their desktop or smartphone.

Amenities your residents will love.

Our virtual concierge helps your residents manage their daily chores so that they can enjoy the better things in life.

Savings and Exclusive Deals

mySavings and myDeals help your residents save money with powerful comparison shopping tools and deals, tailored specifically for them, from local merchants and on the web. We always provide high quality and reasonably priced products and services that meet their everyday household needs. myConcierge will become THE one stop resource for your Residents and their families.

Payment Feature-optional

With our fully integrated Payment feature, you'll have the option to enable your residents to pay their rent or dues electronically.

If you choose to activate this feature, your residents will be able to pay their rent or dues through ACH, major credit and debit cards, even their PayPal account!

myPayments is cost FREE for you. We charge a nominal processing fee for ACH and pass-through our cost for credit and debit card processing to your resident. Learn More

Our On-line Resident Application

Your leasing and sales staff along with outside brokers will appreciate our On-line Application feature. With its fully integrated background and credit check, they'll be able to immediately qualify prospects with the push of a button.

We'll even customize it to meet your requirements and prominently display your brand!

Trusted, safe and secure

With Myhomepayge, your information is always secure. Myhomepayge uses the same 128-bit encryption that banks use. Our Payment Portal uses an even higher 256-bit encryption standard and is PCI compliant. Our PCI practices are monitored and verified by McAfee Secure.

We're in the cloud

You don't need any special software or training to use Myhomepayge. You'll be up and running in minutes. Signing-up is easy and it's commitment free.

Social Media

Your residents are talking. Your prospects are listening.

Join the Conversation

Your goal of increasing NOI hasn’t changed, but with the paradigm shift caused by social media, the means to achieve that goal has changed. With Myhomepayge you’ll be able to listen, analyze and engage across the Social Web.


We make optimizing social media easy because we do it all for you:

Create property Facebook and Twitter pages; Curate those pages with engaging content; Manage each social media site in real time; and Report mentions, ratings and reviews.

Create Buzz to Super-Charge Leasing and Sales

The social web is a goldmine of untapped opportunities. Give your brokers and leasing staff the social tools they need to attract and convert prospects into residents on customized and branded Facebook and Twitter pages.

Get Connected.

By listening to your residents over the Social Web, you can deliver amazing service, build relationships within your communities and increase retention.

Transform your business

Shape your brand and manage your reputation. Know how your brand is perceived by the people that matter, and build a community of advocates that can influence sentiment about your properties and you.

Extend your Success

Harness the power of social media and rise above the competition.


Attract, convert and retain residents.

Amenities that actually create value.

Our amenities package enables you to provide the digital lifestyle your residents have come to expect. Attract, convert and retain more residents than ever before.

Oh, and did we mention they’re free?

Virtual Concierge

Myhomepayge Concierge is like having an assistant in the lobby of your buildings 24/7.

Impress prospective residents and delight current residents with this transcending new amenity.

Savings and Deals

With our Savings and Deals programs your residents will develop binding ties to their neighborhood and your building.

Powerful tools to save time and money running their household. Strong relationships with local merchants. Loyalty to your building and their community.

Rise above the competition.

Distinguish your properties, generate positive sentiment, create loyalty and build your brand. Attract, convert and retain.


Connect like never before.

Online, Mobile, Efficient

Our communication package is an efficient and cost effective way to communicate with your residents and a convenient way for residents to communicate with you.

Send important messages, notifications and reminders by system message, email, text and RSS … All in real time!

Branded Property Portal

We create a customized landing page for each of your buildings. mHP’s Property Portal links seamlessly with your website or can be used on a stand-alone basis.

Calendar and Bulletin Board

Keep your residents up to date with events in your building and community on the Calendar and Bulletin Board.

On-line Work Order Requests

With our Property Portal your residents can send work order requests when they need something fixed. They can even provide you with permission to enter, remind you about their pets and track status.

Security and Safety

Broadcast security and safety alerts to your residents.

Tie into local law enforcement to let residents know about things like Amber and Silver Alerts in their community.

Keep up to date and communicate

The mHP communications platform does it all.

Easy, efficient, cost effective and convenient.


The way your residents want to pay.

Options that are easy and convenient.

With our fully integrated Payment feature, you'll have the option to enable your residents to pay their rent or dues electronically. Your residents will be able to pay their rent or dues the same way they pay all of their other bills, through ACH, major credit and debit cards, even their PayPal account!

Safe and efficient

Payments are deposited directly into your designated bank account for each individual property that you manage. All payment information uploads into your existing accounting software with the touch of a button.

The choice is yours

Open a simple business account in a matter of minutes and we'll process payments for you or you can act as your own Merchant and do it for yourself.

Flexible features

We'll customize myPayments to prominently display your brand and offer features such as electronic invoicing, payment tracking and collection of application fees, security deposits and late fees. With Auto-Pay your residents can set up their monthly payments in advance.

Mobile App

Our Mobile app enables your residents to pay their rent right from their smart phone on-the-go. No more excuses.

Bank-level security

Myhomepayge uses the same 128-bit encryption that banks use. Our Payment Portal uses an even higher 256-bit encryption standard and is PCI compliant. Our PCI practices are monitored and verified by McAfee Secure.

Resident Application

Online Application? Yes please!

Today's way to seal the deal.

With myApplication your prospects can apply to rent or buy while they're working with your leasing staff or broker.

You'll be able to instantly process application fees, run background and credit checks, and if approved process their security deposit and first month's rent on the spot using their e-check, credit or debit card.

Your website and ours.

You can link myApplication directly to your website and your prospective residents can access it directly on Myhomepayge.

Can I customize? Yes again!

We can customize myApplication to prominently display your brand and tailor it to whatever form you're presently using.

You don't need to change anything. Just provide us with your Form and we'll do the rest.

We'll beat your existing rates.

With myApplication you only pay when you use an application…there are no upfront, monthly or hidden fees.

Faster execution = Success!

Leasing professionals AND residents love our Online Application. It enables both to close the deal today!


We do all the work.

What's a RAAP?

Glad you asked. It's our Resident Awareness and Adoption Program. It's specifically designed so there is ZERO cost to you, and we do all the work.

We even lick the envelopes.

We'll provide the introductory letter and brochure, stuff the envelopes, pay for postage, send the emails, display our signage (with your approval of course) and distribute a welcome gift. Whew!!! You don't have to lift a finger.

Fun events, create buzz.

Resident's always enjoy a free social get-together. We coordinate the best time and place…and then we handle all of the details….from soup to nuts. Our team is great at getting the word out and generating excitement!

Safe & Secure

We're beyond careful.

Bank-level security

Myhomepayge uses the same 128-bit encryption that banks use. Our Payment Portal uses an even higher 256-bit encryption standard and is PCI compliant. Our PCI practices are monitored and verified by McAfee Secure.

Private, safe and secure

We are committed to protecting your privacy and we go to great lengths to secure and encrypt your personal information on restricted databases. We urge you to read our Privacy Policy which describes how we treat the information we collect when you visit our website and sign-up and use our services. Our Privacy practices are monitored and verified by Truste.

The power to choose

We're really careful about only sending your Residents things that will be interesting and relevant to them. If they ever change their mind, they can simply click on our unsubscribe link and we will discontinue sending them offers. They'll still be able to access all of our free services.

It's Free

So what's the catch? There is none.

How can Myhomepayge be free?

It's simple. The fees that merchants pay us for bringing them new customers enable us to keep our service free. Even better, we share some of that revenue with you.

The value proposition.

Myhomepayge Concierge will enhance your residents' living experience and keep you at the forefront. Our Property and Payment Portals enable you to reduce operating costs AND generate a brand new revenue stream.

Hmmm…doesn't every property manager want satisfied customers, lower costs, additional revenues and a competitive edge?

So how do we make money?

Three ways… On advertising and sponsored links just like Google and Facebook. For bringing new customers to local merchants just like Groupon and Living Social. And when your property manager uses some of our cool features like our electronic resident application. It's as simple and straightforward as that.

Always free.

We're committed to staying free for everyone, whether or not your residents ever act on one of our savings recommendations. If a resident chooses not to receive our offers, they can simply unsubscribe and they'll still be able to enjoy all of our free services.

Everyone wins

Your residents get a great new amenity that saves them time and money. Our participating merchants gain new customers.

You get satisfied customers while reducing costs and gaining a new revenue stream. …and we make some money along the way.

Revenue Sharing

Yes…we share our revenues with you.

What's the deal and how does it work?

Our revenue sharing program for Property Managers is simple and straightforward. We track the gross revenue we receive from the offers made to your residents, and we share 20% of those revenues with you.

How much and when?

Distributions are made on a quarterly basis, but we don't provide projections on how much…for obvious reasons…

Stay ahead. Enjoy the benefits.

myHomepayge is cost free, so every dollar of revenue from our program drops right to your bottom line. With the razor-thin margins in property management today, it's the edge that will keep you a step ahead!


You have questions. We got Answers!

General FAQ

Social Media FAQ

e-Commerce FAQ

What type of goods and services will you offer my residents?

We seek to provide discounted deals on “necessities” that will help your residents run their households. While occasionally a luxury item may be offered, we look primarily to offer great deals on stuff people really need.

Which merchants do you seek discounted deals from?

How do we know that the merchants are reputable?

Because we guarantee it! That’s right…mhp guarantees every item purchased from merchants on our site.

What if one of my residents doesn’t want to receive discounted deals whatever reason?

If one of my residents “Unsubscribes” will they still have access to Social Media, Communication and Payments?

Communication FAQ

e-Payments FAQ